open atelier on request
demonstration weaving, damask, jacquard;
expo weaves
ask adress in 'contact'

For a women's and single mother's
textile and sewing project
you may pay a donation of
300,- euro and I weave a portrait
for you. Go to
do your donation and
mention Potrait.
contact me to give your info
and picture.

OPEN ATELIER on request
Demonstration, Exposition.
Jacquard weaving with TC2.
Jacquard with Thread Controller,
workshops on demand
adress Workshop 5.

Discover digital weaving

Digital threadcontroller, TC2

This is the new handweaving.

Every picture can be translated

in a computer for a weave .

Weave yourself and learn it.

Weaving is crossing threads,

warp and weft.

Weaving is a venerable textile technic.

Weaving is fascinating.

Weaving is like painting with threads.

We can weave for you if you want,

portraits, logo, etc..

Every body can learn weaving
with the Digital loom TC2.
Any weave structure can be woven on it.

There are other looms in the workshop.

(5) : Jubilee Damask Guild

Jubilee Damask Guild

(6) : TC2 threadcontroller,<br />
digital 'Jacquard'

TC2 threadcontroller,
digital 'Jacquard'

(7) : broché


(8) : preparation yarns

preparation yarns

(9) : broché


(10) : life is like a flower, short blossoming

life is like a flower, short blossoming

(11) : digital jacquard

digital jacquard

(12) : walking fire

walking fire

(13) : woven lace<br />

woven lace

(14) : pointed twill

pointed twill

(15) : schooltime


(16) : Samitum of Bonnie

Samitum of Bonnie

(17) : Millenium 2, tomb with two millennia

Millenium 2, tomb with two millennia

(18) : Africa, struggle for life

Africa, struggle for life