Weave computer aided Jacquard and damask

South-East Friesland, The Netherlands,
the place to be for jacquard weaving.

Create your own weave.

Jacquard with Thread Controller, TC2.
Start a design and weave.

Meet the Master + Loom & Room
Did you weave once? Yes?
Welcome to weave Jacquard weave
in Drachten.
B&B, nature-friends-house, camping.
Or low budget Loom&Room. €40,-pp

introduction digital weaving
theory and practice
1 person only.
10-17 h
€125,- pd/ pp, excl. tax and materials.
Inclusive coffee/tea.
Drachten, in the middle of nature area,
Cycling-tours for partner.
Date to arrange.
your teacher Corrie van Eijk


(exclusive for textiledesigners
rent the TC2 for more days
€125,- pd/ pp, excl. tax and materials.

lodging/food €40,- pp/day

You want to see more damask? look on


(1) : revival of grandma's lace<br />
as woven jacquard

revival of grandma's lace
as woven jacquard

(6) : twill